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I'm trying to prevent a rotated Label from being dragged off the screen, but I cannot figure out how to get MinX, MaxX, MinY, and MaxY of the object in its rotated state. getHeight & getWidth only return the values prior to the rotation.

Here is an example illustrating the problem:

 var stage = new Kinetic.Stage({
     container: 'container',
     width: window.innerWidth,
     height: window.innerHeight

 var layer = new Kinetic.Layer();

 var labelLeft = new Kinetic.Label({
     x: 95,
     y: 180,
     opacity: 1.0,
     listening: true,
     draggable: true,
     rotationDeg: -45,
     text: {
         text: 'Pointing Arrow',
         fontFamily: 'Calibri',
         fontSize: 20,
         padding: 5,
         fill: 'white'
     rect: {
         fill: 'blue',
         pointerDirection: 'left',
         pointerWidth: 20,
         pointerHeight: 38,
         stroke: 'black',
         strokeWidth: 2
     dragBoundFunc: function (pos) {
         var newY = pos.y < 50 ? 50 : pos.y;
         return {
             x: pos.x,
             y: newY


 // add the layer to the stage

In this example, I use dragBoundFunc to prevent the label from being dragged above y=50. but since the label is rotated, its actual highest point (MinY) has changed, and therefore you can drag it up and partially out of view.

What I really need is a function that will return the absolute current MinX, MaxX, MinY, and MaxY - taking into account the angle of rotation and length of text will not always be the same.

Can anyone help?

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Here's how to calculate the bounding-box size of a rotated rectangle (label).

var w =    label.getWidth();
var h =    label.getHeight();
var rads = label.getRotation();
var c =    Math.abs(Math.cos(rads));
var s =    Math.abs(Math.sin(rads));
var newWidth =  h * s + w * c;
var newHeight = h * c + w * s;

Then assuming you'll always rotate around the center, the left/top boundaries are:

var centerX = label.getX()+label.getWidth()/2;
var centerY = label.getY()+label.getHeight()/2;

var MinX = centerX - newWidth/2;
var MinY = centerY - newHeight/2;

[ Disclaimer: This is just off the top of my head--review it accordingly! ]

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Thanks! I used setOffset() to move the rotation point to the center of the label, and the only thing I had to change in your code was: var centerX = pos.x + this.getOffsetX(); var centerY = pos.y + this.getOffsetY(); Thanks again, it worked great. –  Marc Van Houwelingen May 16 '13 at 13:32

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