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I want to do this: if found 'th' in 'first tr', addclass 'abc' to 'second tr'. Is this jQuery correct:

$('table tr:eq(0)').find('th').next('tr').addClass("abc");
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No, that won't do what you expect. Try something like this:

$("tr:first-child:has(th) + tr:nth-child(2)").addClass("abc");

or more simply:

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Perfect, thanks!! :) –  3zzy Nov 1 '09 at 14:27

Should be more like this:

$('table tr:eq(0) th').closest('tr').next('tr').addClass('abc');
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This works:

$('table tr th').parent().next('tr').addClass("abc");

"For every th in a tr, search for the next tr in it's parent and add the class 'abc' to it."

See http://jsbin.com/asiro/edit.

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