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i need Regex.Replace that remove all numbers and sign from string

ex. "123- abcd33" and i need to get: "abcd"

thank's in advance

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you also want the "- " removed? Those are not numbers... – jle Nov 1 '09 at 14:23
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Try the following:

var output = Regex.Replace(input, @"[\d-]", string.Empty);

The \d identifier simply matches any digit character.

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thank's for the help – Gold Nov 1 '09 at 14:44

You can do it with a LINQ like solution instead of a regular expression:

string input = "123- abcd33";
string chars = new String(input.Where(c => c != '-' && (c < '0' || c > '9')).ToArray());

A quick performance test shows that this is about five times faster than using a regular expression.

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I would've thought it would be the other way around....interesting. – SirDemon Nov 1 '09 at 15:09
@SirDemon: Yes, LINQ is usually not the fastest option, but regular expressions have a bigger initial overhead. For operations on short strings setting up the RegEx object takes longer than the actual work. – Guffa Nov 1 '09 at 16:23
@Guffa Do you know how this scales? Lets say on 50k records should I go for RegEx? – Arnold Wiersma Feb 15 at 13:53
@ArnoldWiersma: Either should scale pretty well, they are both basically linear, so there are no nasty surprises. I can't tell off hand which would be faster, you would have to test that. – Guffa Feb 15 at 21:57
var result = Regex.Replace("123- abcd33", @"[0-9\-]", string.Empty);
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