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There is a very similar question to the question I need answered (Regex / Vim: Matching everything except a pattern, where pattern is multi-line?): I need to convert the following Vim regular expression into a VBScript regular expression:


Basically, what I need to do is grab all the text before, between, and after methods (not including the code within the methods). I already have a VBScript regular expression to grab methods and the code within their bodies, as below:

((?:(?:Public|Private)) (?:Sub|Function).+)\n(.*\n)*?End (?:Sub|Function)

And below is example text of both global and method code:

'   the code:   Header


Public Function doThis(byVal xml)
'' Created               : dd/mm/yyyy
'' Return                : string
'' Param            : xml- an xml blob

     return = replace(xml, "><", ">" & vbLf & "<")

     GLOBAL_VARIABLE_1 = 2 + 2

     doThis= return

End Function


Public Function doThat(byVal xPath)
'' Created               : dd/mm/yyyy
'' Return                : array
' 'Param            : xPath

     return = split(mid(xPath, 2), "/")
     doThat = return

End Function


Public Function alsoDoThis(byRef obj)
'' Created               : dd/mm/yyyy
'' Return                : string
' 'Param            : obj, an xml document object

     For i = 0 To 4
          return = return & "hi" & " "


     alsoDoThis = trim(return)

End Function


How can I negate or flip the VBscript regular expression I have, or convert the Vim regular expression I need, in order to grab all the global-level code before, in between, or after method-level code (excluding the method declarations and the "End Sub/Function" part)?

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Remove all procedures and functions and what remains is what you're looking for.

text = "..."

Set re = New RegExp
re.Pattern = "((public|private)\s+)?(function|sub)[\s\S]+?end\s+(function|sub)"
re.Global  = True
re.IgnoreCase = True

rest = re.Replace(text, "")
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Works great, thanks! I used the following regular expression so that I could also get the function name as a sub-match (in case anyone is interested): ^((?:(?:Public|Private)\s+)?(?:Function|Sub).+)[\s\S]+?End\s+(?:Function|Sub)\r‌​$ – user2174745 May 28 '13 at 17:10

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