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I want to install pyaudio on my Windows 8 x64 machine. I have Python 2.7 x64 installed. Building from source is not an option for me, and anyway I have seen that it failed for others. The Python 2.7 x64 .exe from http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/ is not working. Is there another way to install? Are there any other places to download from? Thanks!

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A very quick Google search yeieded the developers page with downloads. You can try the binary provided there.


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I missed this before, I see you have 64-bit Python. Why the adversion to compiling from source? –  bkief May 15 '13 at 20:35
This is the best link for anything regarding pyaudio on the whole web. Thanks. –  akki Jan 14 at 13:53

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