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We have to make a program using Python for a college unit and I'm making one that you can use with Twitter. I've done the scripts for posting tweets and viewing them but I want to make it so you can select different options from a sort of menu script and run the scripts from there?


  1. New tweet
  2. View tweets
  3. Etc

Choose one: 1

Enter tweet:

That sort of thing... Really confused!

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what is the exact problem here?? – Aswin Murugesh May 15 '13 at 19:53

If you want to display a text menu like that, use something like this (if using Python 3):

while True:  
    print("1. New tweet")
    print("2. View tweets")
    option = input("Choose one: ")
    if option == "1":
        # New tweet
    elif option == "2":
        # View tweets
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