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How do I delete all rows in a single table using Flask-SQLAlchemy?

Looking for something like this:

>>> users = models.User.query.all()
>>> models.db.session.delete(users)

# but it errs out: UnmappedInstanceError: Class '__builtin__.list' is not mapped
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Try delete:


From the docs: Returns the number of rows deleted, excluding any cascades.

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Hmm, this worked for me, but only after changing it to something like this: models.User.query().delete() – killthrush Mar 18 at 0:54

DazWorrall's answer is spot on. Here's a variation that might be useful if your code is structured differently than the OP's:

num_rows_deleted = db.session.query(Model).delete()

Also, don't forget that the deletion won't take effect until you commit, as in this snippet:

    num_rows_deleted = db.session.query(Model).delete()
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You can fire a Single query for this.

#for all records

here db is the object Flask SQLAlchemy class. It will delete all records from it and if you want to delete specific records then try filter_by clause in the query. ex.

#for specific value
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