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I have created a custom payment gateway module by following paypal standard module and it shows up fine in checkout page while I tested it in localhost. But in live site after installing and enabling it from the module page It doesn't show up anymore. then I tried installing and enabling paypal standard module too and found that it is not showing up too. On the other hand bank transfer module shows up just fine after installing. I am out of ideas exactly why this is happening. Any insights on this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Things I have checked so far:

  1. File permission - found OK
  2. database - found all necessary values added and updated after installing
  3. no error found in checkout page. I used firebug.
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OK. I found the solution myself. It was a default currency issue. If you use a currency that is not supported by paypal, the option in the checkout page wont simply show up. As I created the new module following pp_standard payment gateway, it was inheriting the same logic and was not showing up. Hope it helps someone in future and saves a good amount of time wasted. Cheers!

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