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I'm trying convert RGB image to HSV with the function cvCvtColor(), but the results are unexpected. For example, white are converted to something near to red.

        cvCvtColor(img, hsv, CV_BGR2HSV);
        cvSplit( hsv, h, s, v, NULL );
        cvShowImage("image", img);
        cvShowImage("hsv", hsv);
        cvShowImage("threshold", imgthresh);

Is the image converted correctly and only displayed wrong? And about the threshold, the better way to do this is using the 3 channels or only the hue? I want track red objects. Sorry about the english. Thanks.

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cvShowImage will always expect RGB values (Or BGR, I am not sure). So, when you convert to HSV, it's expected that the color are shown different. Using this rgb to hsv conversor, you can see that white - in RGB represented as (255,255,255) - is converted to (0,0,100%) in HSV. As you are saying that the displayed color of white is red, I suspect that cvShowImage is really expecting BGR by default.

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cvShowImage() and cv::imshow() expect BGR channel ordering. – Aurelius May 15 '13 at 21:49

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