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Upon fixing my earlier problem where, I uninstalled both, JRE AND Java EE, and then successfully reinstalled JRE, the problem started with installing Java EE, when, upon clicking the Java EE Installation .exe file, and waiting for a few minutes, (for the extraction of files to take place) the main Java EE 5 SDK Update 7 Installation Wizard was loaded, I clicked the next button, then the license agreement appeared, where, I switched the radio button and proceeded to the next button. And its in the following step, the problem started, where I had to choose the Installation Directory, I kept the pre-existing location, and, clicked Next. Then, absolutely nothing happened, the Back , Next , Cancel , and Help buttons were unresponsive/frozen. But the file chooser still worked upon clicking the Browse button (in that same frame).

Here is that frame

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The problem might be with an earlier failed uninstall of Java EE SDK. If a file named productregistry.access.TMP is still present in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory, then, delete it. It probably has been left by a failed uninstallation of Java EE SDK. Then, proceed to restart the Java EE SDK wizard, and things should be fine by then.

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