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Is it possible to use Play Framework within other quite ordinary web application which uses Jersey and GWT? This application has got the web.xml, GWT entry point etc and Glassfish as application server. All Play samples don't have web.xml but have conf/routes. First issue is how to add the possibility to use Play in the existing web application in Eclipse. In google I can find how to create Play application using Play console (command line) and the import the a project into Eclipse. But I want to use Play in existing project, not new.

The second issue is how to handle requests to REST, GWT and Play. To handle a REST request (like http://localhost/Appname/rest/param/otherParam), the web.xml contains


GWT requests (like http://localhost/Appname/param/otherParam) are handled thanks to Appname.html.

And how to add Play request handling? The routes are defined in the conf/routes but how to integrate this with REST and GWT request kind?

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Play! is a full-stack framework. Either you use Play! or you use servlets (or Vert.x, or whatever), not both. In Play! 1.x there was a GWT plugin though (no idea if there's one for Play! 2)

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