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First of all this is a wordpress page so [insert_php] is a replacement for <?php.

The url of the page is as follows "http://**.com/?page_id=98#highlights?sel=q1s"

the code on the page is as follows

<div id="Question1" style="background-color:[insert_php] if ($_GET['sel'] == "q1s") { return "black"; } else { return "white"; };">

I'm sure I'm overlooking something here.


<div id="Question1" style="background-color:[insert_php] if ($_GET['sel'] == "q1s") { echo "black"; } else { echo "white"; }[/insert_php];">

this is my current code and it still showing no results, I checked the actual value I'm getting for background-color and for some reason am getting the result "white".

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you want echo not return this is not a function –  Dagon May 15 '13 at 21:00
Maybe a typo but you use a "?" in the url before sel=q1s and also the "#" might cause a problem. Try : http://**.com/?page_id=98&sel=q1s#highlights –  Frédéric Clausset May 15 '13 at 21:49

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I'm not sure but I think the parenthesis is missing around the condition, and also you have to use an echo; like this :

if ($_GET['sel'] == "q1s") { echo "black"; }
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<div id="Question1" style="background-color:<? if ($_GET['sel'] == "q1s") { echo "black"; } else { echo "white"; };">

you want echo instead of return

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It should also be noted that the php open tag <? is a shorthand and not always available. It is recommended to use <?php. Despite that note, there is an additional shorthand that might be useful if you want that would simply it all to <?=($_GET['sel']=='q1s'?'black':'white')?>. That shorthand open tag implies the echo command and inside is a ternary operator that acts like an simple if statement. –  ogc-nick May 15 '13 at 21:03

You forgot the closing php tag. Normally ?> but since you are using wordpress use [/insert_php]

Also, you should echo instead of return. You are not in a function.

<div id="Question1" style="background-color:[insert_php] if ($_GET['sel'] == "q1s") { echo "black"; } else { echo "white"; }; [/insert_php]">
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