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Could someone describe the instructions to setup emacs key bindings in Visual Studio 2012 environment? I saw a couple of thread, but they didn't really cut it for me.

It'd be great to have someone using it post instructions about it.

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Thanks, Kiran

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Did you see the answer on that question? Did you try it? What problems did you face? –  Miserable Variable May 15 '13 at 21:18
it doesn't work. I got an error stating this visual studio extension cannot be installed on any products. I've cloned the line for VS 10 and changed it from 10 to 11. <VisualStudio Version="10.0"> <Edition>Pro</Edition> </VisualStudio> <VisualStudio Version="11.0"> <Edition>Pro</Edition> </VisualStudio> –  Kiran Gollu Jun 4 '13 at 18:14