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I have no experience in working with NServiceBus, and I'd like to make sure if my scenario can be achieved. I have two machines: A and B. On machine A there was deployed a component that send messages via nservicebus to the queue which exists on the same machine. I have another component that should receive the messages. Unfortunately, I cannot deploy it now on machine A (it works on machine B), but I'd like to fetch the messages that were already put by the sender. Is it possible? When I try to define input queue in the receiver like this:

    <MsmqTransportConfig InputQueue="RetrieverClient2@MachineA" ErrorQueue="RetrieverClient2_errors@MachineA" NumberOfWorkerThreads="1" MaxRetries="5"/>

I get exception: Input queue must be on the same machine as this process. Is there any method of configuration that I can use to retrieve messages from this remote queue provided I know it exists?

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If you're changing the deployment topology of your system, you should configure the first component to send its messages to the second machine and then just do a one-off manual move of the messages left to the second queue.

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For a queue on "localhost" you should not include the "@localhost". Your config would look like this:

<MsmqTransportConfig InputQueue="RetrieverClient2" ErrorQueue="RetrieverClient2_errors" NumberOfWorkerThreads="1" MaxRetries="5"/>

The @ symobl makes the endpoint think you're referring to a remote queue. You can't use a remote queue for an endpoint's input queue because the performance of trying to do a remote transactional receive on MSMQ is quite poor. (See "What about MSMQ v4" section of Load Balancing with the Distributor)

Udi's answer is quite correct if changing the deployment topology is what you're trying to accomplish.

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I edited the question. I made mistake in the queue name - it should be Machine2, not localhost. But your answer is still correct. I can't use remote queue in this case. –  syntax_error May 16 '13 at 20:01
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