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My App is down on Heroku which sucks because we have quite a few users now. The worst part is that I have no idea what the error messages mean...

Does anyone know?

2013-05-15T20:55:58+00:00 app[postgres]: [24612-1]  [ORANGE] LOG:  checkpoint starting: time
2013-05-15T20:55:58+00:00 app[postgres]: [24613-1]  [ORANGE] LOG:  checkpoint complete: wrote 0 buffers (0.0%); 0 transaction log file(s) added, 0 removed, 1 recycled; write=0.000 s, sync=0.000 s, total=0.004 s; sync files=0, longest=0.000 s, average=0.000 s
2013-05-15T20:56:38+00:00 app[heroku-postgres]: source=HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_ORANGE measure.current_transaction=28963 measure.db_size=10396472bytes measure.tables=24 measure.active-connections=5 measure.waiting-connections=0 measure.index-cache-hit-rate=0 measure.table-cache-hit-rate=0.99999

This is the only thing on the logs. I've read the Heroku Postgres log statements but for checkpoint complete it says not action needed....

Any ideas? Any help is appreciated.. Thanks

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If your production app on Heroku is down and you think it isn't your fault, then by all means, open an urgent ticket with support! Whatever your problem is I don't see any indication that it has to do with those log entries. Are there any other possibly relevant entries? –  Andrew Gorcester May 15 '13 at 21:23
I've opened a ticket... Just wondering if stack can make any sense of these entries. No other errors or log entries. Thanks –  Dol May 15 '13 at 21:25
That's just routine log output. You probably need Heroku support to examine the instance. If you're lucky you might be able to spawn a follower (streaming replica) and then failover to it. –  Craig Ringer May 16 '13 at 1:20

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The problem was the custom domain. Only the A (Host) record on GoDaddy was setup, not the CNAME (Alias). Sometimes a configuration change or deploy can put your app on a different set of EC2 IP addresses, which was the case. So even though the app worked for months without a CNAME, as soon as the EC2 IP address changed the custom domain didn't point there anymore.

I changed the A (Host) record and then added a CNAME (Alias). Now everything is back and working.

Hope this helps someone!

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