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After I have uploaded last version of application to the server, I have found the following problem:

After my admin controller redirects unauthorized user to admin/login page(


), codeigniter returns an error:

Unable to load the requested file: admin/login.php

My local login page works well.

Rewrites for virtual hosts are the same, and .htaccess files are the same. Codeigniter routes are not used, just a default controller, and it is also the same.

Have I missed something?

Below goes my login function of admin controller:

public function login()
    $form_created = $this->_admin_login_form();

    if ($form_created){
        return true;

    $password = $this->input->post('pwd');
    if (! $this->_check_admin_pwd($password)) {

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where do you use redirect('admin/login','refresh'); code? –  rcpayan May 16 '13 at 8:35

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It was not the request to controller's method, but to the view file.

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