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Just wonder if it is possible to add Icon/Image to Bootstrap Select Options.
I already tries this by adding background-image to options at HERE

<select class="span2">
            <option style="background-image:url(slider-dot.png);">2</option>

But it is not working! Can you please let me know if this is possible? Thanks

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As far as I know you can't add icons to option elements using built-in bootstrap settings. However, there's a plugin built for bootstrap meant to do this functionality, also adding additional customization options to bootstrap select components. It's called bootstrap-select.

The icons used for this plugin are directly loaded from the Glyphicons provided by bootstrap.

EDIT: see link for jsFiddle example:

The relevant JavaScript is this:

    style: 'btn-primary',
    showIcon: true,
    title: 'select test'
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I can't post the fiddle link in the main answer due to lack of reputation, so here it is: – Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla Jul 17 '13 at 23:02

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