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I've developed quite a number of shareware programs over the last number of years and I sell 10 or so online, I've noticed with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and now even my AV scanner warns me my programs aren't signed. So what is the most affordable way for me to sign my many installers? I don't want to pay per program as this would be expensive as I develop a lot and post many as freeware.

Thanks Jade

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Just checked prices of various provides you can buy Code Signing Certificates from (prices represent best value per year converted from local currency to USD):

  • Comodo $166.55
  • Thwate $274.50
  • Global Sign $218.74
  • VeriSign $431.67
  • GoDaddy $106.36

I looked into this before for the Open Source software I contribute to, decided I couldn't justify the personal expense.

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One Verisign's code-signing certificate costs $500 per year (a bit less if you buy a multi-year lease) and doesn't limit the number of signatures you perform during that time. You can surely get cheaper unlimited-use-within-given-time code-signing certificates from other firms, e.g. I see instantssl "Comodo" gives you a 3-years lease for the same $500, while thawte is $300 for the first year and a bit less to renew -- however, I have no personal experience with those, and I'm not sure how much those hundred-dollar differences matter to you, so it's hard to give specific advice, beyond the fact that an unlimited-use certificate seems to be the standard approach (indeed I wouldn't even know where to turn for a pay-per-use kind!-)

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