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In my bundle, I am chaining another burn bundle as an ExePackage.

<ExePackage SourceFile="$(var.DatabaseBundle.TargetPath)"
            InstallCommand="/install /quiet"
            UninstallCommand="/uninstall /quiet"
            PerMachine="yes" />

When uninstalling, the burn log shows that DatabaseBundle is absent, so it will not be uninstalled. So obviously, I need to set DetectCondition to something so that it is properly detected.

Is there a feature of the Burn bundle that can be conveniently detected, or should I search for an underlying msi product/component/etc using the WixUtilExtension?

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No, there's nothing built-in to detect bundles. There's an open bug to make that happen.

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The issue has migrated to here: wixtoolset.org/issues/3693 –  Dave Andersen Jan 22 '14 at 19:03

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