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I've been using Ruby Shoes for the past week or so, trying to get a nice introduction to it. I just started using the list_box but I can't figure out how to code it out so that when a specific choice in a listbox is chosen, something else happens- I couldn't really understand what the manual was trying to do

list_box :items => ["Repair", "Request"]

In this case, I'd like for x to equal 1 when repair is chosen and equal 2 when request is chosen. How would I go about this?

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Found on this page.

You can do stuff like

Shoes.app do
  para "Choose a fruit:"
  list_box :items => ["Grapes", "Pears", "Apricots"],
           :width => 120,
           :choose => "Apricots" do |list|
    @fruit.text = list.text
  @fruit = para "No fruit selected"

So, you could inspect the list object and see what variables you can access and then do what you want based on the chosen option.

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