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I have a windows batch file in Windows 7 which does something with find.

it starts with this:

find /i /c....

But it says something like

find /i is no medium

or so. Then it just gives a list of every single file in the C:\ directory.

Is there any new replacement for Windows 7?

EDIT: If i hit find /? in cmd, it gives find: /? there is no such file or directory

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You probably have the posix find command installed on your computer. Type:

where find.exe

To locate it. You probably can change the path environment variable on your system so the system32 directory will be first.

Update: First try to run the command with full path:

c:\windows\system32\find.exe /i "foo"

And see what happens.

Then compare the file to the same file in other windows 7 installation ( I don't have one right now). You can also look at the file property. Is it from microsoft?

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Thanks, but the thing is that it is just installed in the Windows/System32/ directory. What is the problem than? I use the RTM from Technet –  Deniz Zoeteman Nov 1 '09 at 18:44
It work with the full path, so its ok. If i need to do that i need to do that. –  Deniz Zoeteman Nov 3 '09 at 19:55

It appears from your example you're not encasing your search with quotes. Find on its own or with /? will give you the command line options. Find /i "SearchString" "MyFile" means search Myfile for SearchString but ignore case.

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