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We have our PHP application hosted on EC2 Singapore region. 90% of our users are based in India. We are planning to remove static content like js and css from our application and host it in Amazon S3 with CloudFront.

The use of CDN should convert into faster load times for the content. It is the case if I test from USA or Europe. But from India the dedicated server works faster than CDN. Now, for CloudFront, the nearest edge location for users in India is AWS Singapore region. So, both CDN and dedicated servers will be serving from physically same location.

My question is, if physical location is same, will the dedicated server outperform CDN?

I have tested with http://www.webpagetest.org.

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For now if you have most of the users in India, then probably for these users you should use the same dedicated server. But if you are expecting an increase in users from places other than India, then probably you want to use the Amazon services. So it heavely depends on how (fast) and where you are expecting your users to grow.

Edit: Also you can use the cdn if your dedicated servers are feeling heavy load (from Indian users)

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CDN will definitely handle traffic spikes better and there are few other advantages. My only concern is that the application will become a little slower for users in India. Is this behaviour normal for CDN to be slower than dedicated server with same physical location? –  Ruchit Rami May 16 '13 at 4:43
yes, so the most important thing is which user you really care about at this point of time. The obvious choice would be the region with larger number of users. So if you are not expecting user growth in near future in places other than India, it would be better to stick with the dedicated servers. But you never know about future when and where your organization is going to have a boom. –  me_digvijay May 16 '13 at 4:52

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