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I am successfully executing the following query in SQL Server 2008 built into VS2008:

SELECT REPLACE(image32, 'img', 'images/Products')
FROM Product

but when I do a select * from product query, I am given the old results. Whats going on? Why isnt my data being updated?

Did I just answer my question? Do I need to throw in an Update statement as well? If so, can you help me, my sql nerd powers are not that great yet.

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Here's an example update statement:

UPDATE Product
SET image32 = replace(image32, 'img', 'images/Products')

If 'img' was a directory, better search for '/img/' and replace it with '/images/Products/'. You never know what filenames might contain img.

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Wow I still have a long way to go to becoming a SQL Query master. Many thanks. – NoDinero Nov 1 '09 at 18:57

Yes, you did just answer your question. You need to UPDATE if you want your data updated. Table data only gets changed when you INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE.

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Ok, cool. Im gonna give this a shot on my own. Thanks. BTW - You guys are super quick!! :) – NoDinero Nov 1 '09 at 18:36

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