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I have a HTML page with two input boxes. Can I set the keyboard focus to these input boxes from python? Currently I am handling the keypressEvents from python. A code snippet is given below

    def keyPressEvent(self, event):
        input1 ="#myinput1")
        input2 ="#myinput2")
        key = event.Key()
        if key == ARROW_RIGHT:
        if key == ARROW_LEFT:

After pressing the RIGHT_ARROW, I have ensured that the element captured focus by using the below code

    print input1.hasFocus()

it returns TRUE. But when I try to enter some text, it doesn't show anything. Is that anything I have missed out ? I can enter the text if I click the mouse in the input box or I can change the focus using TAB key; but that is not exactly I want.

Any solution is really appreciated.

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import maya.cmds as cmds

cmds.textField('tf0', changeCommand='cmds.setFocus("tf1")' )
cmds.textField('tf1', changeCommand='cmds.setFocus("tf2")' )
cmds.textField('tf2', changeCommand='cmds.setFocus("tf0")' )

I am not sure but you can try this

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what is this module maya used for ? I am getting error "No module named maya.cmds" – GUI-Novice May 24 '13 at 5:51

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