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I'm using the jquery datatables plugin with the jquery Select2 plugin. I tried overriding the css class with my own class but it didn't work. It still shows up with the default OS / browser style.

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You can also use DataTables' fnInitComplete callback, which is called when DataTables has been initialized. See the Callbacks page in their documentation.

Here is an example extending the DataTable defaults to accomplish this:

$.extend($.fn.dataTable.defaults, {
  "bPaginate": true,                /* just an example. can be false or removed altogether */
  "bLengthChange": true,            /* another example. */

  /* ... other options ... */

  "fnInitComplete": function(oSettings, json) {
    $(".dataTables_length .select2").select2({ 
      /* select2 options, as an example */
      minimumResultsForSearch: -1 
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Call select2 on the select element after the table has loaded.

$(document).ready(function() {

// load datatable jQuery('#data_table').dataTable({ settings and other stuff });

$('div.dataTables_length select').select2();


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