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Datastax manual say that I can change consistency level with "USING CONSISTENCY" syntax. http://www.datastax.com/docs/1.1/references/cql/cql_data_types#specifying-consistency-level

But, Cassandra cqlsh report Bad request for Using Consistency.

cqlsh:db_simple> show version
[cqlsh 2.3.0 | Cassandra 1.2.3 | CQL spec 3.0.0 | Thrift protocol 19.35.0]

cqlsh:db_simple> SELECT * FROM test WHERE a=1;

 a | b  
 1 | example

cqlsh:db_simple> SELECT * FROM test USING CONSISTENCY ONE WHERE a=1;
Bad Request: line 1:19 missing EOF at 'USING'

What do I miss ? Thanks.

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The WITH CONSISTENCY LEVEL clause has been removed from CQL commands in 1.2. Programmatically, you now set the consistency level in the driver. On the command line, you can use a new cqlsh CONSISTENCY command.

In your case you have set like

cqlsh:keyspace> CONSISTENCY ONE;
Consistency level set to ONE.
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