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I have a query that gets all the links in a Wikipedia article. The problem is that for some pages, it returns no link.

This Wikipedia article has many links on it. However, my query:


Returns only:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
                <n to="Maramures County" from="Maramures_County"/>
                <page title="Maramures County" ns="0" pageid="3625444">
                        <pl title="Maramureș County" ns="0"/>

If I run the same query for another article, likes "Moon", I get lots of results.



<?xml version="1.0"?>
            <links plcontinue="19331|0|JSTOR"/>
                <page title="Moon" ns="0" pageid="19331">
                    <pl title="3753 Cruithne" ns="0"/>
                    <pl title="51st state" ns="0"/><pl title="Ablation" ns="0"/>

                    [ ... etc, etc  ...]

Am I doing something wrong with the API or is this a bug?

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Actually, the article Maramures County is a redirect to Maramureș County (notice the comma below s), which means it's technically an article with a single link to the redirect target.

To get the links, you can either use the name of the actual article:


Or you can use the redirects parameter:


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