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I'm using Linq To Entities and I have difficulties to translate a SQL query to Linq.

Here is my query in SQL :

SELECT row FROM table
WHERE row not between 'A' and 'Z' 
and NOT REGEXP_LIKE(row,'[[:digit:]]{3}')

Actually my row is a varchar and I want the query to return items that are not single uppercase letter or 3 characters number (only "A" or "123").

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from row in table
where !RegEx.Match(row, "^([A-Z]|[0-9]{3})$").Success
select row
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Regex is not supported by Linq To Entities. But it works if I convert my query in IEnumerable as below : var query = from item in Db.Table.AsEnumerable() where !Regex.Match(item.row, "^([A-Z]|[0-9 {3})$").Success select item.row; I've found another solution without converting to IEnumerable but it's much longer. – user2346200 May 16 '13 at 8:00
Sorry, didn't know about non-regex-support in LinqToEntities. I know well Linq but only a very little about LinqToEntities. – Teejay May 16 '13 at 8:12

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