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I can imagine a lot of different angles to this, but here is my goal:

When I use the [blob brush] tool in [Illustrator] I want the option key to toggle the eyedropper tool.

I figure the specific tool and application are irrelevant, and the root of it is the ExtendScript question:

  1. Can we bind actions to keydown and keyup events?
  2. Can we know what tool is currently active?
  3. Can we change the active tool?
  4. Can we override a default keypress behavior?*

According to the internet, ExtendScript can at least do #2 (see getCurrentTool here). Do you know if it can do 1, 3, and 4? Or do you have suggestions for another approach?

Yes, yes, another approach would be to just deal with it like everyone else. But I really want to fix this, and so do other right-thinking people, and so would you if you came to Illustrator from Photoshop. You would be dumbfounded that it doesn't work this way by default. And we are here because we don't accept what we think we can change.

(I'm sure there are also other uses for this info.)

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It's pretty easy to listen for shift+click or ctrl+click if you want to add your listener to a mouse click - look here, and here, too.

YES - you CAN change the active tool.

Check out kahrel's guide to scriptUI. The pdf file has a setion called "Listening to the Keyboard"

I'm not sure if you can override a default keypress behaviour - but you could set a new hotkey in the keyboard settings - and probably do that with a script.

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