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I would like to handle a click to the link in this application of mine:

my application

When I click on the "Output File" link, I would like to be able to generate an action in my application.

As of today, the link is described like this in the rich text QLabel:

<a href=""><span style=" text-decoration: underline; color:#0000ff;">Output File&quot;</span></a>

(generated by Qt Designer)

When clicked, it will open the default web browser to go to Google. That's not what I want; I'd like something like:

<a href="#browse_output"><span style=" text-decoration: underline; color:#0000ff;">Output File&quot;</span></a>

And be able to detect the link that's clicked and react accordingly:

(pseudo code)

if( link_clicked.toString() == "#browse_output" ){

Is this possible in Qt with a QLabel (or something approaching) ? How?

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You can try filtering events for QLabel, but I'm not sure how you will know where the link is. – sashoalm May 16 '13 at 7:36
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Ok, for those interested, I got the answer:

  1. Disable the "openExternalLinks" property of the QLabel
  2. Connect the signal linkActivated of the QLabel to your handler.

That's all: linkActivated gives you the URL that the link refers to in argument, so my pseudo code works perfectly.

// header
private slots:
  void on_description_linkActivated(const QString &link);

// cpp
void KernelBuild::on_description_linkActivated(const QString &link)
  if( link == "#browse_output" ){
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Thanks that helped me – MistyD Dec 1 '13 at 22:56

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