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I'm a noob trying to learn the apache / mysql / php stack that is bundled with XAMPP. I'm trying to connect to the MySQL server using the MySQL workbench, but it's not working. Advice on how to overcome this problem?

I get an error when trying to connect in the workbench "Your connection attempt failed for user 'root' from your host to server at localhost:3306: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (61)""

Thinking it's a port problem, I check the port directly in Terminal with the command "telnet 3306". I get the error "telnet: connect to address Connection refused". Obviously the problem isn't with the Workbench, but something to do with the port connection itself.

Advice? Here's some deers: OS 10.8 Mountain Lion XAMPP 1.7.3 MySQL workbench 5.2.47

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1) is mysqld even running 2) can you connect with simply mysql -uroot -p 3) what does netstat -tulpn report for 3306 –  Drew Pierce May 16 '13 at 7:52

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Sorry all, I'm posting my own question and answer. I had this problem and it nearly destroyed me because I could not find the correct answer anywhere on the interwebz. I finally overcame it, and wanted to post my findings in case it helps another befuddled traveler.

It turns out when you install XAMPP and choose to run the security routines, it automatically turns on a setting in the MySQL preferences to block connections on port 3306 from localhost. To fix this, open my.cnf in the xampp folder xamppfiles/etc. Look for the setting "skip-networking" which tells mySQL to block the port 3306. Comment this out by adding a pound sign so it is "#skip-networking". Now, the telnet command should work, and you should be able to use the Workbench.

Hope this is helpful for somebody!If it fixes your problem, give me a shout at @mrcheeks3185.

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Tnx, this solved my issue! –  matteosilv Feb 12 at 14:42

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