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Dear Stackoverflow friends,

I keep getting an error here which is driving me crazy.

Run-time error '9' Subscript out of range

Here is the code:

Sub UpdateIt()


    'First Data Dump
    Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:\file1of2.xls"
    Set WSsource = Workbooks(2).Sheets("Sheet1")
    Set WSdest = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A2:AD" & WSsource.UsedRange.Rows.Count)
    WSsource.Range("A2:AD" & WSsource.UsedRange.Rows.Count).Copy WSdest

    'Second Data Dump
    Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:\file2of2.xls"
    Set WSsource2 = Workbooks(3).Sheets("Sheet1")
    Set WSdest2 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A" & WSsource.UsedRange.Rows.Count + 1 & ":AD" & WSsource.UsedRange.Rows.Count + 1 + WSsource2.UsedRange.Rows.Count)
    WSsource2.Range("A2:AD" & WSsource2.UsedRange.Rows.Count).Copy WSdest2

    Dim avarSplit1 As Variant
    Dim avarSplit2 As Variant

    For i = 2 To WSsource.UsedRange.Rows.Count + WSsource2.UsedRange.Rows.Count

        avarSplit1 = Split(Cells(i, 25).Value, ",")
        avarSplit2 = Split(Cells(i, 26).Value, ",")

        For f = 0 To UBound(avarSplit1)

            Cells(i, 31 + f).Value = avarSplit1(f)


        For h = 0 To UBound(avarSplit2)

            Cells(i, 41 + h).Value = avarSplit2(h)



    Workbooks(2).Close False
    Workbooks(3).Close False

    MsgBox ("Raw Data has been updated")

End Sub

The error message pops up once I try to execute the Workbooks(3).Close False command.

Do you guys have any idea what might be the issue? Does it have to do with the range I set or really with the workbook closure?

Thank you!

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3 Answers

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When you do :

Workbooks(2).Close False

If there are 3 workbooks open at this time, if you close one, there is only 2 left. So :

Workbooks(3).Close False

is Out of range.

Do :

Workbooks(3).Close False
Workbooks(2).Close False

And it will works

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Thank you very much! –  user1688175 May 16 '13 at 8:10
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After you've closed workbooks(2) you only have 2 workbooks open, not 3, hence the error.

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Thanks!!!!!!!!! –  user1688175 May 16 '13 at 8:11
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Just a wild guess, when you closes Workbooks(2), the total Workbooks just decreased from 3 to 2, which makes Workbooks(3) throws that out of range exception.

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Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! –  user1688175 May 16 '13 at 8:11
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