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I am trying to implement a custom FrameLayout that supports pinch zoom and pan while it keeps its children's touch positions.

Therefore i am using api level 11+ methods (View.setScaleX(float scale),View.setScaleY(float scale))

And im using Scroll, Scale Gesture detectors to pinchzoom and pan

with ViewGroup.ScrollBy(dx,dy)

My problem is every example i examine is about zooming views by scaling their image matrix and translating it but in my version it is with setScaleX(f), setScaleY(f)and scrollTo(x,y) scrollBy(dx,dy)

I can not calculate edges of zoomed view and limit the scrolling due to it.Are there any example zoom pan view with api level 11+ methods or are there any formula you know to calculate the preserve to keep the zoomed view in visible boundaries while scaling it.

any help is appreciated and sorry for my bad english.


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