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I have created a windows(desktop) application (large) using C#.Net, VB.Net & SQL Server 2005.

I need to move this application to cloud platform. I've not much knowledge regd Cloud.

Every thing I read about cloud, hints that applications developed using ASP.Net or Web applications/sites can only be hosted on cloud. Since, my application is using WinForms (desktop), I am doubtful whether the application will work on cloud platform.

Can this application be hosted in Cloud? Or should I recreate the entire application using ASP.Net to run in Cloud?

Thank you.

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You can deliver this on Amazon Cloud using Citrix XenApp. AWS has Citrix XenApp AMI's in its marketplace. You can host your C#/VB.net on Amazon EC2, upgrade and migrate your MSSQL to 2012/2008 and host it on another Amazon EC2. Have Citrix XenApp installed on AWS and deliver your desktop app to your customers via Xenapp.

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I think you're getting confused as to what actually gets hosted "in the cloud" (a term I really despise, to be honest). Essentially your desktop application remains a regular desktop application, but you can offload data and/or processing "to the cloud" and your desktop application accesses it, usually using a web service.

See the Amazon E3 overview for more information.

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