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I'm using org-mode in emacs on MacOS X Lion (10.7). One of the commands to use is (i.e. the control key, chorded with the return key). When I press this nothing happens. Doing some further investigation, I found that emacs is just receiving the return NOT the ctrl modifier key along with it. I know this because I did a C-q (i.e. control-letter 'q') and then tried to do a C-RETURN, with just the RETURN showing up.

I used the keyboard viewer to confirm that I am really pressing C-RETURN. Is there a way to configure (or my system) to send/accept C-Return?

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Terminal's keyboard map preference won't let you map the Return key. However, you can map one of the supported keys to send the input sequence that you expect Control-Return to send.

You want to send the sequence:

ESC [ 2 7 ; 5 ; 1 3 ~

(In Terminal preferences, when you type ESC it is displayed numerically as "\003".)

That's what emacs displays for <C-return> if you enter M-x describe-bindings.

Note that in Emacs 22.1.1 (the version installed with 10.8.3) org-mode has a mapping for Meta-Return, but not Control-Return. Are you sure you didn't mean Meta?

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