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I'm developing an application with wxWidgets, using wxMac-2.8.12 on Mac Os 10.8.3. I need to add a toolbar with radio buttons, each button having an icon. If i create the toolbar using the funcion CreateToolBar everything works fine, but since I need to add two different toolbars, one vertical and one horizontal, for the second one I'm using:

tools_bar = new wxToolBar(this, ID_TOOLBAR2, wxDefaultPosition,
        wxDefaultSize, wxTB_NODIVIDER | wxTB_FLAT | wxTB_VERTICAL);

Then I create the different buttons and add the toolbar to a sizer:

wxBitmap* toolsBitmaps[9];

toolsBitmaps[0] = new wxBitmap(icona1_xpm);
toolsBitmaps[1] = new wxBitmap(icona2_xpm);
toolsBitmaps[2] = new wxBitmap(icona3_xpm);
toolsBitmaps[3] = new wxBitmap(icona4_xpm);
toolsBitmaps[4] = new wxBitmap(icona5_xpm);
toolsBitmaps[5] = new wxBitmap(icona6_xpm);
toolsBitmaps[6] = new wxBitmap(icona7_xpm);
toolsBitmaps[7] = new wxBitmap(icona8_xpm);
toolsBitmaps[8] = new wxBitmap(freccia_xpm);

tools_bar->SetToolBitmapSize(wxSize(32, 32));

tools_bar->AddTool(ID_SELEZIONE, _T(""), *toolsBitmaps[8], wxNullBitmap,
        wxITEM_RADIO, _T("Selezione"), wxEmptyString);

tools_bar->AddTool(ID_FONDAZIONE_SUPERFICIALE, _T(""), *toolsBitmaps[0],
        wxNullBitmap, wxITEM_RADIO, _T("Disegna fondazione superficiale"),
tools_bar->AddTool(ID_MAGLIA_FONDAZIONI, _T(""), *toolsBitmaps[1],
        wxNullBitmap, wxITEM_RADIO,
        _T("Inserisce maglia di fondazioni superficiali"),
tools_bar->AddTool(ID_LIMITE_STRATIGRAFIA, _T(""), *toolsBitmaps[2],
        wxNullBitmap, wxITEM_RADIO, _T("Disegna limite stratigrafia"),
tools_bar->AddTool(ID_PUNTO_CALCOLO, _T(""), *toolsBitmaps[3],
        wxNullBitmap, wxITEM_RADIO, _T("Inserisce un punto di calcolo"),
tools_bar->AddTool(ID_GRIGLIA_PUNTI, _T(""), *toolsBitmaps[4],
        wxNullBitmap, wxITEM_RADIO,
        _T("Inserisce una griglia di punti di calcolo"), wxEmptyString);
tools_bar->AddTool(ID_LINEA_CEDIMENTI, _T(""), *toolsBitmaps[5],
        wxNullBitmap, wxITEM_RADIO,
        _T("Inserisce una linea per i cedienti differenziali"),
tools_bar->AddTool(ID_GRUPPO_PALI, _T(""), *toolsBitmaps[6], wxNullBitmap,
        wxITEM_RADIO, _T("Inserisce un gruppo di pali"), wxEmptyString);
tools_bar->AddTool(ID_PALO, _T(""), *toolsBitmaps[7], wxNullBitmap,
        wxITEM_RADIO, _T("Inserisce un palo"), wxEmptyString);

tools_bar->ToggleTool(ID_SELEZIONE, true);
tools_bar->EnableTool(ID_LIMITE_STRATIGRAFIA, false);

tools_bar->EnableTool(ID_LINEA_CEDIMENTI, false);

tools_bar->SetMargins(0, 0);

wxBoxSizer* itemBoxSizer10 = new wxBoxSizer(wxHORIZONTAL);

itemBoxSizer10->Add(tools_bar, 0, wxEXPAND, 0);

The result is fine, but when I press a button, the size of the bitmap changes, as it gets so small it's not even visible.

enter image description here

The same code works fine on Windows, and also on Mac OS 10.4

Is it a bug or I did something wrong? Is there an alternative way to create two separate toolbars in one window?

Thanks Eve

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You should really try with 2.9.4. There have been many changes, especially in wxOSX since 2.8 and any problems with OS X 10.8 (which didn't exist back when 2.8 was released) are very unlikely to be ever fixed there. – VZ. May 16 '13 at 11:33

On wxWidgets 2.8.12, open setup.h, find wxMAC_USE_NATIVE_TOOLBAR and set it as follows:


then re-build wxWidgets. Note that embedded controls may be not working after that.

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