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i'm working with Agile Toolkit

i got a Model_Product

class Model_Product extends Model_Table {
public $table="product";
function init(){

    //$this->hasOne('User',null,'email'); => send me an error message

and Model_User

class Model_User extends Model_Table {
public $table="user";

function init(){

    $this->addField('first_name')->mandatory('Prénom nécesssaire');
    $this->addField('last_name')->mandatory('Nom nécesssaire');
    $this->addField('email')->mandatory('entrez un email valide');

I want to list on a User page all the products from one User


Some way, I get it wrong because I get an error no mater how I try to filter my Model.

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If you're not using newest ATK4 version from Github then you should grab it and stay up-to-date.

You should do like this:

1) In Model_Product create hasOne reference and not refModel (it's deprecated).

// adding 'user_id' parameter is not needed, it'll be calculated anyway
// but many developers add it anyway to clear thing up a bit.

2) Model_User is OK. Just some side-notes about it:

  • I don't think you should make birthday = today() by default. It's quite unbelievable that child at his first day in this world will use computer :)
  • is_admin should be mandatory + defaultValue(false) - by default user is not admin.

3) How to list all all products from current user.

// model of current user
$model = $this->add('Model_User')
// add grid
     // reference Product model with condition already set

and that's it.

Maybe even better and safer way is to define new model class for logged in user:

class Model_Myself extends Model_User {
    function init(){
        $this->addCondition('id', $this->api->auth->get('id'));
        $this->loadAny(); // I'm not sure do we have to explicitly load it here

and then create grid like this

// model of products of current user
$prod_model = $this->add('Model_Myself')->ref('Product');
// add grid
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thank you it works well :) – Adrien May 20 '13 at 8:05
But "It's quite unbelievable that child at his first day in this world will use computer :)" => I do expect my website to be so awesome baby will come anyway. – Adrien May 20 '13 at 8:15
That would be a miracle :))) – DarkSide May 21 '13 at 16:30

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