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This distributed application, I am working on, will be installed on different machines on our network.
The central node will be able to query the other slave nodes.
Each node can already be accessed by a user through a socket.

I would see a need to pass messages from the central node to the slave nodes. The messages would be simply commands or results.

What would be the best thing to use to pass a message from one application to another?

- Socket to Socket,
- File passing from the central node (by scp) and have a file listener on the slave node,
- JMS (java messaging service),
- RMI,
- Messaging queue,
- Passing information through a table

Any other ideas?

I am looking for a robust, easy to integrate and evolve over time. What are the best practices in this area?

Thank you in advance for your answers and advice,

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Have you considered using Akka? –  maba May 16 '13 at 8:53
Thanks maba, for your answer. This library sounds promising. –  Alain May 16 '13 at 9:01

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You already have your answer in your question. You are looking for a mechanism to pass messages between your applications. Java way to achieve that is JMS. A JMS based application is already scalable, easy to integrate, and will evolve over time. And on top of that you will achieve a complete separation of concerns. If you have never worked with JMS then I would suggest give it a go. Here is a tutorial for creating a very simple Distributed JMS Client-Server application.

JMS on Glassfish Tutorial is using Glassfish as an application server but the basic principles are the same for creating similar architecture using any application server.

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Thank you Raza. –  Alain Sep 12 '13 at 13:28

In the scenario you have, JMS/message queuing is a perfect choice.

Depending on your needs, RMI can work as well. Avoid files at all cost.

Like maba already told you, AKKA is a great library for a tightly coupled distributed system - but I suggest you start with something simpler in this scenario.

There are also data grid solutions like hazlecast, memcached etc. that can distribute things around several nodes.

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