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I'm exploring the new Google Games API and I have a question:

For apps with a server side, could I use this api to allow a user that don't have/don't want to have/don't want to log in with a Google account to participate in the rankings or archievements?

What if my app does already have a self-programmed achievement system? Is there some way of "migrate" it?

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A Google+ account is mandatory for all the players that want to enjoy the Game Services features. Even if you use the REST interface server-side, you are still making requests on behalf of a particular user which has to be authenticated via OAuth, as explained at Google Developers

Regarding the "migration" of achievements, you have to unlock the achievements one by one as there are currently no bulk operations (the unlock operation just receives one achievement ID, as explained at the API Reference).

A possible workaround to help that migration: when users log with their Google+ account for first time, just make several unlock calls from the server to unlock each achievement. Should you "fire and forget" those calls, I would perform a second check next time, with the list operation, to confirm that the achievements are synchronized with your own system.

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