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I'm designing an app where you choose a map viewer, you work on it, and later you save what you worked on into a KML file for, eventually, being loaded in ArcGis in shape file format.

My final goal of this question is to obtain a KML file with markers, nodes and path's geo coordinates. The map could be retrieved from google maps, open street maps, bing's map or another else source so I can't focus on a specific API, it must be global software. I'll choose map's source at activity's opening .

I'll have a button to save the kml file into device's sdcard, for being treated later. The point is how can I "capture" that items(nodes, marks or paths) coordinates and save them into a file.

I think I might make a KML parser, but I'm not pretty sure if Im on the right way and, if Im heading in the right direction, how can I set up a map data parser.

If this is a good solution, do you know any tutorial or something what could help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot, i'm very stuck at the moment.

Thanks very much!

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which Google maps API are you using?API 1 or 2? –  Flash May 16 '13 at 9:35
Im using GoogleMaps v2 API –  leonis May 22 '13 at 13:50

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