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I need to write a Message Driven Bean. I'm using JBoss IDE 1.5. I understand the concept behind MDB's but I don't really know how to install the JMS provider (JBoss MQ? I think) and use it so that it will be used to broker my message to an MDB.

does anyone know of a tutorial I can use ?

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JBossMQ is the default JMS provider in JBoss 3.2.x and 4.x but is replaced by JBoss Messaging1 in JBoss AS 5.0 (JBoss Messaging 1.x is the default JMS provider in JBoss AS version 5).

Depending on the version of JBoss you are using, you already have a JMS provider so I'm not sure what you want to install. And for the configuration part (e.g. how to create a Queue/Topic to which you could send messages), you have to provide some XML files.

Note that starting with JBoss AS version 5.1.0, there is an admin console that allows to create JMS Destinations (expand the "JMS Destinations" entry in the tree view, click on either Queues or Topics, and the in the right panel click the "Add a new resource" button) and/or Connection Factories.

1Starting from version 2.0, JBoss Messaging has been rebranded to HornetQ.

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