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I am plotting some data using the pyplot.plot() function of Matplotlib.

The X values for the data are integers, but these numbers do not mean anything. For example:

x_vals = [2, 34, 456, 999, 10000]

But, matplotlib thinks these are actual X values. It scales the X axis and shows ticks like this on the plot:

0   2000 4000 6000 8000 10000

What I want is for matplotlib to blindly plot using X axis like this:

2   34   456  999  10000

That is, I want the number of ticks to be equal to the number of X values I passed in. I also want the values to be blindly interpreted, possibly as strings.

How can this be done in Matplotlib?

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To get such an output:

  • Plot a range instead of the actual X values along the X axis
  • Configure the number of tick locators
  • Manually change the X tick labels to the desired values

The code for this could be:

# Perform all plotting with range of X values
pyplot.plot(range(len(y_vals)), y_vals)

# Set number of intervals along X axis
x_int_num = len(x_vals) - 1
pyplot.locator_params(axis="x", nbins=x_int_num)

# Set X tick labels
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Thanks. In addition, I found that it is also necessary to set the number of X ticks. I have made the modification and accepted your answer :) –  Ashwin May 17 '13 at 2:56

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