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I have a couple of machines to update some script on. I can do this with a small bash script on my side, which consists of one while loop for reading IPs from a list and calling scp for them. It works fine, but when I try to run updated script in a loop, it break the loop, although runs quite fine itself.


cat ip_list.txt | while read i; do
    echo ${i}
    scp the_script root@${i}:/usr/sbin/ # works ok
    ssh root@${i} /usr/sbin/the_script  # works for a first IP, then breaks

Is this how it suppose to work? If so, how can I run a script remotely via ssh without breaking the loop?

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Does /usr/bin/the_script return or block? If it blocks, the loop will not continue until the session is closed. Depending on the needed features, capistrano might be an alternative. –  TeTeT May 16 '13 at 10:32
Putting things manually to /usr/sbin/ doesn't sound very great to me. Have you considered packaging the script and providing it via a repo (be it rpm, deb or something else...)? –  glglgl May 16 '13 at 10:38
Of course normally everything is updated properly via RPM. It's just a one time thing. I hope. –  akalenuk May 16 '13 at 11:02

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Use this:

ssh -n root@${i} /usr/sbin/the_script  # works for a first IP, then breaks

The -n option tells ssh not to read from stdin. Otherwise, it reads stdin and passes it through to the network connection, and this consumes the rest of the input pipe.

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You need to change the ssh line like this

ssh root@${i} /usr/sbin/the_script  < /dev/null # works for a first IP, then breaks
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