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Iam adding the array in to the dictionary then remove the all objects from array.When i print the dictionary it is also shows empty.Means the array data present in dictionary also removing.

if ([[[testMenuGroupAry objectAtIndex:0]objectAtIndex:group] isEqualToString:[filteredAry objectAtIndex:objCount]])
        NSLog(@"object count is %d",objCount);
        [groupAry addObject:[array1 objectAtIndex:group]];

    [tempDict setValue:groupAry forKey:[filteredAry objectAtIndex:objCount]];
    [groupAry removeAllObjects];

    NSLog(@"before Dictionary temp Dict : %@",tempDict);

The tempdict also shows the empty.Why?

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change this line of code:

[groupAry addObject:[array1 objectAtIndex:group]];


[groupAry addObject:[[array1 objectAtIndex:group] mutableCopy]];

this will help the objects to be retained and your array will not become nil.

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Because you removed all its elements. Adding objects to collections doesn't copy them, it just retains the instance.

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This happens because your dictionary stores only a reference to your array. It does not copy the whole array. What you can do is copy the array first and then store it in the dictionary.

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if you want the tempdict not to be empty. you should do this: [tempDict setValue:[NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:groupAry] forKey:[filteredAry objectAtIndex:objCount]]; It makes a copy of groupAry.

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