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how can I find records where retirement subtract age is less than 10

  user_id: "bcd001",
  age: 56,
  retirement: 65,
  status: "A"
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You have a couple of options, either you use the aggregation framework, or you do something like this

db.users.find({$where: '(this.retirement - this.age > 10)'})

More on the aggregation framework (even if that seems like overkill for your case):

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(Consider including the retiring computation as part of the User document when you insert it (precalculate it))

You could use MapReduce as well, which can be more efficient than using $where depending on how you're using the results (plus, the results would be preserved). Here's an example using the MongoDB shell:

var map=function(){
    if (this.retirement - this.age < 10)  {
        emit(this.user_id, this.user_id, this.retirement - this.age);

var reduce=function(key, values) {
    return Array.sum(values);

Then execute:

db.users.mapReduce(map, reduce, {out: 'retiring' })


> db.retiring.find()
{ "_id" : "bcd001", "value" : 9 }

You might want to then use the incremental update pattern described here.

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Nice, I didn't know about this thanks! –  Alberto Zaccagni May 16 '13 at 12:41

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