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i have one array @name = ["D2", "D3"], so how to set this in select_tag as selected options.

i am trying with this, but not displaying that

<%= select_tag "add", options_for_select(["D1","D2","D3","D4"],{
@name.each do |id| :selected =>"#{id}" } ), {:multiple => true}
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What does this have to do with JavaScript or jQuery? Please don't spray-tag. Use only the relevant tags to the question. – T.J. Crowder May 16 '13 at 11:38
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You need something like this:

<%= select_tag "add", options_for_select(["D1","D2","D3","D4"], :selected =>["D1","D4"]) , :multiple => true %>

Unless your gives you a "D1", you might want to change your approach. What field in name corresponds to "D1"?

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What about that :

<%= select_tag "add", options_for_select(["D1","D2","D3","D4"],@name), {:multiple => true} %>

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@user2342350, do note that all these options will not have any value [which is usually not wanted] – kiddorails May 16 '13 at 12:03

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