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Whenever we want to create an Eclipse project with an existing source location, we will choose the existing source location(root) as the project location. Eclipse will create all the project specific files in the root directory of that source.

Now, for some reason if we want to re-create the project with different setting, how should we tell Eclipse to not remove the source but all the project related files? It's basically cleaning up all the Eclipse related files. For example, I want to create the project in some other IDE, do I have to go to the project directory and manually identify all the Eclipse related files and remove them?

When we try to delete the project from Eclipse, we are left with two choices, delete everything from the project (when checkbox is checked) or retain everything in the project (this would only remove the project from the project explorer but retains all the project related files in the root source directory).

Every time, manually deleting project related files is cumbersome. It would be good if there is anyway to delete only Eclipse related project files right from Eclipse.

Any thoughts?

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but retains all the project related files in the root source directory

That is the point. Those files are generally kept within the project in order to allow a developer wanting to use that IDE to do so.
I even argue for those files (.project, .classpath, .settings/) to be versioned.

Plus, if you keep those Eclipse-specific file, the process of creating a project with another IDE is greatly facilitated by the "import" feature of said other IDE.
See for instance the IntelliJ IDEA import help page.

Open Eclipse project in IDEA

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