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how can i write an if condition in bugzilla template file to check if the bug is cloned bug

I wrote the code

[% IF cloned_bug_id eq [% bug.bug_id %] ]
  <a href="mailto:[% report_name %]">HIIIIIIIIIIII</a>
[% END %]

but it is showing error:

URL: file error - parse error - bug/edit.html.tmpl line 1145: unexpected token (eq) [% IF cloned_bug_id eq [% bug.bug_id %]

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Its very urgent. Please reply someone –  Monisha May 16 '13 at 12:14
It is very urgent. Can anybody please reply –  Monisha May 16 '13 at 12:15

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Assuming this is template toolkit, there is no reason to nest code blocks ( [% %] ). Also, eq is not used for comparison. From the template toolkit documentation:

The following conditional and boolean operators may be used:

== != < <= > >= && || ! and or not

Something like this should work:

[% IF cloned_bug_id == bug.bug_id %]
   <a href="mailto:[% report_name %]">HIIIIIIIIIIII</a>
[% END %]
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