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I have a problem with formatting a CSS table using the Gumby framework. The first row of the table "grabs" content above it.

I suspect I have some unclosed tag, but I sure cannot find it.

Here is what I think is the releveant css:

<div class="six columns" center-text>
<div id='Tips' >
<h4>Tips for Tops</h4>
<div class="twelve columns center-text"><br><h2>Top Ten Individual Winners at All Clubs This Year<br> <a href="ajax.php?scores/resultIndex"> See All Club Results</a></h2><br>


<div id="response">

<div class="CSS_Table_Example"  style="width:100%">
<table style="margin: auto;">

The first row of the table put a border around the sides of the containing the "Top Ten..."

You can see the issue on a draft page at:


The right hand column contains a table 50% of the time so you may need to reload a few times to see the issue.

I hope this is enough information to allow someone to solve my dilemma.



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If you suspect you have some unclosed tags, the first thing to do is run your source through a HTML validator. Here you go. You do have some structural errors, by the way. –  Mr Lister May 16 '13 at 12:55
Thanks, I checked out the format checker and addressed the issues identified. –  Bill May 16 '13 at 14:15
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Remove background from the div or set a width so it won't go out. And set border: none for the CSS_Table_Example class to get rid off the border around. Hope this is answers your question.

btw. don't use <br> to put some space, use margin property instead.

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Thanks, this solved the problem. –  Bill May 16 '13 at 14:41
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