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I have the following code in my addproduct.php which connects to doaddproduct.php after clicking a submit button:

<td>Category Name</td>

<select name="categoryname" id="">
<option value="">Select</option>

while($row=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
<option value="<?php echo $row['CategoryID']; ?>">

<?php echo $row['CategoryName']; ?></option>
<?php } ?>


So, the dropdown menu (addproduct.php) gives options from the database (table: category, column: categoryname). For example the categoryname for categoryID '1' is food, the categoryname for categoryid '2' is drink and so on.

Now, I want to insert the data from selected dropdown option to my database (table: product, column: categoryID) by changing the selected categoryname into categoryID. For example, I select 'drink' from dropdown menu and when I click the submit button, the program inserts the data into table product:

|ProductID | CategoryID | ProductName |

| 123231 | 2 | Coca-cola |

Here's my following code in my doaddproduct.php:


    $productname = $_POST['productname'];
    $categoryname = $_POST['categoryname'];
    $stock = $_POST['stock'];
    $price = $_POST['price'];

    if($productname == NULL || $productname == ""){
        header("location:../addproduct.php?err=You must fill product name");
    }else if($categoryname== "none"){
        header("location:../addproduct.php?err=You must choose category name");
    }else if($stock == NULL || $stock == ""){
        header("location:../addproduct.php?err=You must fill stock");
    }else if($price == NULL || $price == ""){
        header("location:../addproduct.php?err=You must fill price");
    }else if($_FILES["file"]["type"] != "image/jpeg" && $_FILES["file"]["type"] != "image/png" && $_FILES["file"]["type"] != "image/jpg"){
        header("location:../addproduct.php?err=Extention of your photo must be jpg/jpeg/png");
        $query = $username . "-" .$fullname . "-" . $phone ."-".$email."-".$password."-".$rpassword."-".$address."-".$gender;
        $qcek = "select * from product where productname = '$productname'";
        $result = mysql_query($qcek);
        if(mysql_num_rows($result) > 0){
            header("location:../addproduct.php?err=Product name already used");
            //for upload
            $ext = substr($_FILES["file"]["name"], strrpos($_FILES["file"]["name"], '.'));
            move_uploaded_file($_FILES["file"]["tmp_name"],"../photos/" . $username . $ext);
            $pho = $username . $ext;

            $password = md5($password);
            //still confused here
                    $query = "insert into product values('', '', '$productname', '$pho', '$stock', '$price')";




What should I do?

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what is the problem ? any error you getting? –  Rajeev Ranjan May 16 '13 at 12:41
@RajeevRanjan the problem is I can't change the selected dropdown option (categoryname) into categoryid so I can insert it into my new table (which is table product) –  noobprogrammer May 16 '13 at 12:43
your <select> name is categoryname but it option it have it has categoryId in its value ,when you select any option you will get categoryId in $_POST['categoryname'] . –  Rajeev Ranjan May 16 '13 at 12:51

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If I understand the problem correctly, "by changing the selected categoryname into categoryID.", it appears that you've done most of the legwork already. The drop-down box named "categoryname' is simply the variable name that holds the id val. In the query use {$_POST['categoryname']}, the brackets are required.

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You forget category name, change your insert query like this:

 $insert_query = "INSERT INTO `product ` (ProductID,CategoryID,ProductName) VALUES 
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I have tried it before. And the data couldn't be inserted into the database. –  noobprogrammer May 16 '13 at 12:51

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